Here is a list of approx.1700 available comics.Sell as whole lot or individual. All pricing is based on the 2000 30th Ed. Overstreet Comicbook price quide in evaluating the condition of each comic. Contact E mail w/offers at
Title#GoodNear MintAskingComments
Action Comics311 2.5032.00
Action Comics 3142.5032.00 r-origin Supergirl;J.L.A. x-over
Action Comics 3282.2526.00
Action Comics 3571.6020.00
Action Comics 3581.6016.00
Action Comics 3631.2516.00
Action Comics 3701.2510.00 new facts about Superman's origin
Action Comics 357xxx
Action Comics 3761.2516.00last Supergirl in Action
Action Comics 3791.2512.00
Action Comics 3821.0012.00
Action Comics 3841.0012.00
Action Comics 3891.0012.00
Action Comics 3901.0012.00
Action Comics 4031.5018.00
Action Comics 4041.5018.0052 pg. issues
Action Comics 4081.5018.0052 pg. issues
Action Comics 4091.5018.0052 pg. issues
Action Comics 4101.5018.0052 pg. issues
Action Comics 4191.009.00intro. Human Target
Action Comics 4296.00
Action Comics 4316.00
Adventure Comics3561.1016.00
Adventure Comics3581.1016.00
Adventure Comics3681.0015.00
Adventure Comics3691.0015.00intro. Mordru in Capital Legion
Adventure Comics3721.0018.00Timber Wolfe and Chemical King join
Adventure Comics3761.0015.00
Adventure Comics3791.0015.00
Adventure Comics3841.2516.00
Adventure Comics3941.2516.00
Adventure Comics40212.00
Adventure Comics40810.00
Adventure Comics4141.5016.00(52 pgs.) reprints 2nd Animal Man/Strange Advs. #184
Adventure Comics4171.5016.00(52 pgs.) Morrow vigilante: Frazetta shining knight-r/Adv. #161;origin the enchantress:no Zatanna
Adventure Comics4249.00
Adventure Comics4534.00intro. Mighty Girl
Adventure Comics4544.00Superboy App.
Adventures Into the Unknown1472.6030.00
Adventures On the Planet of the Apes47.00
Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters1
Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters4
All American Men of War1103.0032.00
All American Western11121.00175.005.00
Amazing Adventures21.5016.00F.F. brief app.
Amazing Adventures31.5016.00
Amazing Adventures41.5016.00last Kirby Inhumans
Amazing Adventures52.5025.00Neal Adams-a(p)
Amazing Adventures72.5025.00Neal Adams-a(p)
Amazing Adventures161.7520.00
Amazing Heroes119
Amazing Spider-Man2032.00385.00origin and 1st app. Scorpion
Amazing Spider-Man2419.00205.00
Amazing Spider-Man2724.50260.005th app. Green Goblin-c/story Norman Osborn app.
Amazing Spider-Man3015.00160.00
Amazing Spider-Man3115.00160.001st. app. Harry Osborn who later becomes 2nd. Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy and Prof. Warren.
Amazing Spider-Man3215.00160.00
Amazing Spider-Man3315.00160.00
Amazing Spider-Man3615.00160.001st app. Looter
Amazing Spider-Man3615.00160.001st app. Looter
Amazing Spider-Man3815.00160.00(7/66) 2nd app. Mary Jane Watson (cameo;face not shown;last Ditko issue)
Amazing Spider-Man4212.50135.00(11/66) 3rd app. Mary Jane Watson (cameo in last 2 panels;1st time face is shown)
Amazing Spider-Man438.5095.00
Amazing Spider-Man448.5095.002nd app. the Lizard
Amazing Spider-Man458.5095.003rd app. the Lizard
Amazing Spider-Man468.5095.00intro. Shocker
Amazing Spider-Man478.5095.00M.J. Watson and Peter Parker 1st date. also Green Goblin cameo and Harry and Norman Osborn app.
Amazing Spider-Man488.5095.00
Amazing Spider-Man498.5095.004th app. Kraven the Hunter
Amazing Spider-Man536.5070.00
Amazing Spider-Man566.5070.001st app. Capt. George Stacy
Amazing Spider-Man586.5070.00Ka-Zar app.
Amazing Spider-Man586.5070.00Ka-Zar app.
Amazing Spider-Man606.5070.00
Amazing Spider-Man614.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man614.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man624.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man634.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man664.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man674.4050.001st app. Randy Robertson
Amazing Spider-Man684.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man704.4050.00Kingpin app.
Amazing Spider-Man724.4050.00
Amazing Spider-Man744.4050.00last 12 cent issue
Amazing Spider-Man753.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man763.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man783.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man823.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man833.6040.001st app. Schemer and Vanessa(Kingpin's wife)
Amazing Spider-Man873.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man883.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man904.5055.00death of Capt. Stacy
Amazing Spider-Man913.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man933.6040.001st app. Arthor Stacy
Amazing Spider-Man946.0070.00origin retold
Amazing Spider-Man946.0070.00
Amazing Spider-Man953.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man967.5085.00
Amazing Spider-Man993.6040.00
Amazing Spider-Man10016.00175.00anniversary issue(9/71;Green Goblin cameo)(2pgs.)
Amazing Spider-Man10113.00125.001st app. Morbius the living vampire;Wizard cameo;last 15cent issue(10/71)
Amazing Spider-Man1042.5030.00Kraven the Hunter-c/stories
Amazing Spider-Man1052.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1062.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1072.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1082.5030.001st app. Sha-Shan
Amazing Spider-Man1092.5030.00Dr. Strange c/story (6/72)
Amazing Spider-Man1112.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1122.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1132.5030.001st app. Hammerhead
Amazing Spider-Man1152.5030.00
Amazing Spider-Man1162.5030.00reprints story from Spectacular Spider-Man mag. in color with some changes.
Amazing Spider-Man1172.5030.00reprints story from Spectacular Spider-Man mag. in color with some changes.
Amazing Spider-Man1243.0036.001st app. Man-Wolf (9/73)
Amazing Spider-Man1252.2525.00Man-Wolf origin
Amazing Spider-Man1252.2525.00Man-Wolf origin
Amazing Spider-Man1262.2525.00
Amazing Spider-Man1262.2525.00
Amazing Spider-Man1272.2525.001st mention of Harry Osborn becoming Green Goblin
Amazing Spider-Man1282.2525.00
Amazing Spider-Man12912.50160.001st app. Jackel and The Punisher(2/74)
Amazing Spider-Man1311.1012.00last 20 cent issue
Amazing Spider-Man1321.1012.00
Amazing Spider-Man1363.5040.00reapp. earance of the Green Goblin (Harry Osborn;Norman Osborn's son)
Amazing Spider-Man1471.8516.00Spiderman learns Gwen Stacy a clone
Amazing Spider-Man150
Amazing Spider-Man1511.2512.00Spiderman decides he is not the clone
Amazing Spider-Man1531.109.00
Amazing Spider-Man1551.109.00
Amazing Spider-Man1666.00
Amazing Spider-Man1736.001st app. Will O'Wisp
Amazing Spider-Man1741.5012.00Punisher app.
Amazing Spider-Man1791.6013.00Green Goblin app.
Amazing Spider-Man1801.6013.00Green Goblin app.
Amazing Spider-Man1816.00origin retold;gives life history of Spidy;Punisher cameo in flashback;(1 panel.)
Amazing Spider-Man1856.00
Amazing Spider-Man1925.00
Amazing Spider-Man2185.00
Amazing Spider-Man2234.00
Amazing Spider-Man2354.00origin Will O'Wisp
Amazing Spider-Man2522.5020.00Spiderman dawns new black costume (5/84);ties with Marvel team/up #141 and Spectacular Spiderman #90 for 1st new costume(see Marvel s.h Secret Wars #8)
Amazing Spider-Man3352.50
Aqua Man335.0050.1st app. of Aqua Girl
Aqua Man461.8515.00
Archie and his palspromoted by FBIsee image
Archie and Me345.00giant
Archie and Me475.00giant
Archie and Me565.00giant
Archie and Me595.00giant
Archie Giant Series Magazine2506.00Betty and Vironica spectacular (10/76)
Archie Giant Series Presents1911.5012.00Betty and Vironica Christmas spectacular (2/72)
Archie Ten Issue Collection1-10
Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica1711.109.00
Archie's Girls B. and V.1721.109.00
Archie's Girls B. and V.1791.109.00
Archie's Girls B. and V.2076.00
Archie's Girls B. and V.2196.00
Archie's Girls B. and V.2384.00
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag1425.00
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag1455.00
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag1495.00
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag1545.0
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag1895.00
Archie's Joke Bk. Mag2073.00
Archie's Mad House Annual15.0055.00(62/63)
Archie's Pal Jughead1171.2510.00
Archie's Pals'n'Gals651.109.00see image
Archie's Pals'n'Gals1086.00
Archie's T.V. Laughout116.00
Archie's T.V. Laughout434.00
Astonishing Tales21.8515.00Kraven the Hunter-c/story;Kirby,Wood-a
Astonishing Tales32.5022.00Smith-p;Wood-a
Astonishing Tales52.5022.00Red Skull 2 part story
Astonishing Tales62.5022.00Red Skull 2 part story
Astonishing Tales71.5012.00
Astonishing Tales81.5012.00(25cent),52 pgs.-last Dr. Doom
Astonishing Tales231.109.00Finfangfoom app.
Astonishing Tales252.5020.001st app. of Death Lock the Demolisher;full length story begin, end #36;Perez's 1st work,2 pgs.(8/740
Astonishing Tales266.00
Astonishing Tales276.00
Astonishing Tales286.00
Astonishing Tales306.00
Astonishing Tales315.00Watcher-r/Silver Surfer#3
Astonishing Tales325.00
Astonishing Tales335.00
Astonishing Tales345.00
Astonishing Tales355.00regular 25cent add. (5,7/76)
Astonishing Tales365.00regular 25cent add. (5,7/76)
Avengers King Size Special32.5020.003 Capt. America stories by Kirby;origin of Red Skull
Avengers King Sz. Spec.41.2510.00Kirby
Avengers King Sz. Spec.51.109.Spiderman x/over
Avengers1176.002300.00the origin and 1st of the Avengers (Thor, Ironman, The Hulk, Ant/man & Wasp)app. of Loki
Avengers818.00180.00intr. of Kang
Avengers533.5025.00app. of the X-men
Avengers562.2522.00Zemo app. story explains how Cpt. America was imprisoned in Ice during WW2
Avengers1031.109.00Harlin Ellison script
Avengers1041.109.00Harlin Ellison script
Bat Lash11.7514.0012cents
Batman2222.8028.00Beetles take-off,art lesson by Joe Kubert
Batman2383.5035.00DC 100 pg. super spectacular, Doom Patrol origin
Batman Family21.007.00
Battle Action35.7038.00
Battle For A Three Dimensional World3.00nn-Kirby c/a in 3d,shows history of 3d
Beetle Baily711.008.00
Betty and Me261.109.00
Betty and Me271.109.00
Betty and Me511.109.0052 pgs.
Betty and Me574.00
Betty and Me684.00
Betty and Veronica682.00
Black Fury394.00
Black Goliath16.00
Black Panther11.5012.00
Blondie Comics3
Blondie Comics43
Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery291.2510.00
B. K. Tales of Mystery321.007.00
B. K. Tales of Mystery361.007.00
Boy Commandos16.00
Brain Boy67.0075.00
Brave & Bold Presents723.5035.001st app. of the Spector
B. & B. Presents892.5024.00early Phantom Stranger app.
B. & B. Presents922.5024.00Batman, into the Bat squad
B. & B. Presents971.8515.001st app. Deadman from Strange advs.
B. & B. Presents1011.008.00
B. & B. Presents1036.00Metal Men
B. & B. Presents1046.00Deadman
Bugs Bunny1445.00
Bugs Bunny1565.00
Buster Brown8.7570.00Goes to Mars(2/58-Western Printing),slick-c,20 pgs.,reg.size
Captain America1015.0050.00the Sleeper-c/story;Red Skull app.
Captain America1015.0050.00the Sleeper-c/story;Red Skull app
Captain America1063.0030.00
Captain America1094.5045.00origin of Cpt. America retold
Captain America1231.109.00
Captain America1301.109.00
Captain America1311.109.00
Captain America1936.00Kirby-a returns
Captain America and Falcon1446.00new costume of Falcon
Capt. A. & Falcon1506.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1626.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1741.5012.00X-Men x-over
Capt. A. & Falcon1894.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1924.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1944.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1954.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1964.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1974.00
Capt. A. & Falcon1984.00reg.25 cent ed.(6/76)
Capt. A. & Falcon1994.00(7/76)
Capt. A. & Falcon1994.00(7/76
Capt. A. & Falcon2073.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2073.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2083.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2083.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2093.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2103.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2103.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2143.00
Capt. A. & Falcon2143.00
Capt. A. King Sz. Spec.12.5024.00(1/71)-origin retold
Capt. A. King Sz. Annual31.007.00('76,52 pgs.)Kirby-c/a(new)
Capt. A. King Sz. Annual41.007.00('76,52 pgs.)
Captain Glory13.00polybagged w/ kirbychrome trading card;Ditko-a & Kirby-c;has coupon for Amberchrome Secret City Saga #0
Casper the Friendly Ghost703.5035.00
Capt. Marvel
Captain Marvel51.2510.00
Captain Marvel111.109.00Capt. Marvel given great power by Zo the Ruler; Smith/Trimpe-C; Death of Una
Captain Marvel126.00
Captain Marvel136.00
Captain Marvel156.00
Captain Marvel206.00
Captain Marvel216.00Capt. Marvel battles Hulk; last 15 cent issue
Captain Marvel236.00
Captain Savage & His Leatherneck Raiders11.8515.00Sgt. Fury & Howlers cameo
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.21.2510.00Origin Hydra
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.61.008.00
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.71.2510.00Pre-"Thing" Ben Grimm story
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.81.008.00
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.91.008.00
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.101.008.00
Capt. S. & H. L. Rs.111.2510.00
Captain Victory & the Galactic Rangers11.001st app. Mr. Mind
Capt. V. & the G. Rs. 21.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.31.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.41.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.51.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.61.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.71.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.81.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.91.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.101.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.111.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.111.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.121.00
Capt. V. & the G. Rs.131.00
Captain Victory Special11.00
Captains Jolting Tale2
Challengers of the Unknown492.5020.00Intro Challenger Corps.
Challengers o/t Unk.542.5020.00
Challengers o/t Unk.582.5020.00
Challengers o/t Unk.621.109.00
Challengers o/t Unk.621.109.00
Challengers o/t Unk.641.109.00Kirby origin-r part 1
Challengers o/t Unk.651.109.00Kirby origin-r part 2
Challengers o/t Unk.661.109.00New logo
Challengers o/t Unk.715.00
Challengers o/t Unk.735.00
Challengers o/t Unk.741.8515.00Deadman by Tuska/Adams
Challengers o/t Unk.765.00
Challengers o/t Unk.775.00
Challengers o/t Unk.805.00
Chamber of Chills21.007.00
Chamber of Chills31.007.00
Chamber of Chills51.007.00
Chamber of Chills91.007.00
Chamber of Chills121.007.00
Chamber of Chills161.007.00
Chic Young's Dagwood382.2518.00
C. Young's Dagwood542.0016.00
C. Young's Dagwood981.5012.00
C. Young's Dagwood1051.008.00
Classics Illustrated61.005.00
Classics Illustrated291.005.00
Classics Illustrated138Copyright May 1957; unsure of edition
Conan the Barbarian202.2518.00
Crime Does Not Pay5511.3090.00
Crypt of Shadows21.007.00
Crypt of Shadows31.007.00
Crypt of Shadows191.007.00
Daredevil452.2518.00Statue of Liberty photo-c
Daredevil711.8515.00Spiderman x-over
Daredevil1075.00Starlin-c; Thanos cameo
Daredevil1323.50Bullseye app.
Daredevil King Size Special12.5024.00
Daring Adventures102.5022.00
DC Comics Presents11.007.00
Defenders296.00Starhawk joins Guardians
Dennis the Menace1266.00
Dennis the Menace1486.00
Dennis the Menace1566.00
Dennis the Menace Triple Feature125.0050.00
Detective Comics25325.00250.00First app. Terrible trio
Detective Comics3684.0040.00
Devil Dinosaur11.008.00
Devil Dinosaur24.00
Devil Dinosaur24.00
Devil Dinosaur34.00
Devil Dinosaur34.00
Devil Dinosaur45.00
Devil Dinosaur45.00
Devil Dinosaur55.00
Devil Dinosaur65.00
Devil Dinosaur75.00
Devil Dinosaur84.00
Devil Dinosaur94.00
Devil Kids371.7514.00
Devil Kids551.7514.0052 page giant
Dr. Solar Man of the Atom261.8515.00
Dr. S. Man o/t Atom261.8515.00
Dr. S. Man o/t Atom271.8515.00
Doctor Strange16911.00110.00Origin retold
Doctor Strange1743.0030.00
Doctor Strange1753.0030.00
Doom Patrol1142.5020.00
Doom Patrol1192.5020.00
Dune11of 3ish lmtd series
Eternals23.001st app. of Ajak & the Celestials
Eternals143.00Cosmic powered Hulk (14,15)
Eternals King Size Annual13.00
Falling in Love861.7514.00
Fantastic Four764.00770.001st app. Kurrgo
Fantastic Four964.00770.003rd app. Sub-Mariner
Fantastic Four1154.00650.00Origin/1st app. The Impossible Man
Fantastic Four1341.00470.00Intro The Watcher; 1st app. The Red Ghost
Fantastic Four1529.00290.001st app. Mad thinker
Fantastic Four1629.00290.001st Ant-Man x-over; Wasp cameo
Fantastic Four1729.00290.00
Fantastic Four1829.00290.00Origin/1st app. The Super Skrull
Fantastic Four1929.00290.00Intro Rama-Tut; Stan Lee & Jack Kirby cameo
Fantastic Four2031.00310.00Origin/1st app. The Molecule Man
Fantastic Four2121.00210.00Intro Hate Monger; 1st Sgt. Fury x-over
Fantastic Four2214.00140.00Sue Storm gains more powers
Fantastic Four2414.00140.00
Fantastic Four2535.00390.00Hulk vs Thing; 3rd Avenger x-over
Fantastic Four2635.00390.004th Avenger x-over
Fantastic Four2716.00160.001st Dr. Strange x-over
Fantastic Four2823.00230.00early X-men x-over
Fantastic Four3010.50105.00Intro Diablo
Fantastic Four319.0090.00Early Avengers x-over
Fantastic Four329.0090.00
Fantastic Four339.0090.001st app. Attuma
Fantastic Four349.0090.00
Fantastic Four359.0090.00Intro/1st app. Dragon Man
Fantastic Four369.0090.00Intro/1st app. Madam Medusa & the Frightful Four
Fantastic Four379.0090.00
Fantastic Four389.0090.00
Fantastic Four409.0090.00
Fantastic Four416.0060.00Frightful Four app(iss 41-43)
Fantastic Four426.0060.00
Fantastic Four436.0060.00
Fantastic Four446.0060.00Intro Gorgon.
Fantastic Four456.5065.00Intro/1st app. The Inhumans
Fantastic Four461st full app. Black Bolt/Kirby-c
Fantastic Four476.0060.00
Fantastic Four476.0060.00
Fantastic Four4871.00850.00Partial origin/1st app. Silver Surfer & Galactus; 1st of 3 part story
Fantastic Four514.8048.00
Fantastic Four529.5095.001st app. Black Panther
Fantastic Four538.5085.00Origin & 2nd app. Black Panther
Fantastic Four544.8048.00
Fantastic Four558.0080.00Thing battles Silver Surfer
Fantastic Four565.5055.00Silver Surfer x-over
Fantastic Four575.5055.00
Fantastic Four585.5055.00
Fantastic Four634.2042.00
Fantastic Four644.2042.00
Fantastic Four654.2042.00
Fantastic Four669.5095.00Begin 2 part origin Him(Warlock); Does not app. 9/67
Fantastic Four6710.50105.00Origin/1st app. Him(Warlock); 1 page cameo; see Thor 165,166 for first full app.
Fantastic Four684.2042.00
Fantastic Four704.2042.00
Fantastic Four713.5035.00
Fantastic Four733.5035.00Spiderman, D.D, Thor x-over; cont'd from D.D 38
Fantastic Four744.0040.00Silver Surfer app. iss. 74-77
Fantastic Four754.0040.00
Fantastic Four764.0040.00
Fantastic Four774.0040.00FF #77 issued same date S.S #1
Fantastic Four783.5035.00
Fantastic Four793.5035.00
Fantastic Four803.5035.00
Fantastic Four812.5025.00Crystal joins and dons comstume
Fantastic Four822.5025.00Inhumans app.
Fantastic Four832.5025.00Inhumans app.
Fantastic Four842.5025.00Issues 84-87 Doctor Doom app.
Fantastic Four852.5025.00
Fantastic Four862.5025.00
Fantastic Four872.5025.00
Fantastic Four882.5025.00Last 12 cent iss.
Fantastic Four882.5025.00Last 12 cent iss.
Fantastic Four892.5020.00
Fantastic Four902.5020.00
Fantastic Four902.5020.00
Fantastic Four912.5020.00
Fantastic Four922.5020.00
Fantastic Four932.5020.00
Fantastic Four952.5020.00
Fantastic Four962.5020.00
Fantastic Four972.5020.00
Fantastic Four992.5020.00
Fantastic Four1012.5020.00
Fantastic Four1012.5020.00
Fantastic Four1022.5022.00F.F vs Sub-mariner
Fantastic Four1041.5012.00Magneto-c/story
Fantastic Four1081.5012.00Last Kirby iss.
Fantastic Four1081.5012.00
Fantastic Four1091.5012.00
Fantastic Four1141.4011.00
Fantastic Four1171.007.50
Fantastic Four1281.008.00Four page inster of F.F friends & foes
Fantastic Four1683.50Cage app.
Fantastic Four2102.50
Four Annual312.00120.00Reed & Sue wed
Fantastic Four King Size Special59.0090.00Intro Psycho-man; early Black Panther; Inhumans & Silver Surfer app.
Fantastic Four King Size Special64.5045.00Intro Annihilus; birth Franklin Richards; last non-reprint annual
Fantastic Four Special Issue101.5012.00('73)
Fantasy Masterpieces16.0060.00photo of Stan Lee; 12 cent-c
Fantasy Masterpieces23.0030.00r-first Fin Fang Foom from Strange Tales #189
Fantasy Masterpieces22.00(Volume 2); reprints Silver Surfer
Fantasy Masterpieces53.0030.00
Fantastic Voyage23.0033.00off T.V series
Film Stars Romances231.00230.00'50 Liz Taylor/Rbrt Taylor
Fightin Army725.00
First Love105.0030.00
Flash1787.0070.0080 page giant; (g-46)
Flash1964.8048.0068 page giant; (g-70)
Flash2143.5035.00DC 100 page Super Spec. DC-11; origin Metal-Men; Showcase #37; never before pubbed G.A.Flash story
Flash Gordon161.058.50Charlton
Forever People22.5024.00
Forever People32.5024.00
Forever People42.5024.00
Forever People52.5024.00
Forever People61.5012.00
Forever People71.5012.00
Forever People81.5012.00
Forever People91.5012.00
Forever People101.5012.00Deadman app.
Forever People101.5012.00
Forever People111.5012.00
Forever People111.5012.00
From Beyond the Unknown41.8515.00
From Beyond the Unk.181.2510.00
From Beyond the Unk. 181.2510.00
Ghost Stories371.008.00last iss.
Ghost Rider Western32.5020.00
Ghost Rider111.007.00
Ghost Rider171.007.00
Ghost Rider394.00
Ghostly Haunts301.008.00
Ghostly Tales701.5012.00Dr. Graves ends
Ghostly Tales921.008.00
Ghosts401.8515.0068 pages
Ghost Stories221.008.00
Giant Size Avengers11.2510.00(8/74)-new-a G.A.H Torch-r; First modern app. The Wizard; First & only app. Ms. America
Giant Size Avengers36.00(2/75)
Giant Size Avengers46.00(6/75)-Vision marries Scarlet Witch
G S Captain America11.4011.00(12/75)-r/stories T.O.S 59-63 by Kirby(63 reprints origin)
G S Chillers31.008.00(8/75)-Wrightson-c(new)/a(r);Colan, Kirby, Smith-r
G S Daredevil11.008.00(1975)
G S Defenders11.8515.00(7/74)Silver Surfer app. ; Starlin-a; Ditko, Everett, Kirby reprints
G S Fantastic Four21.2510.00Formally Giant Size Super Stars
G S Fantastic Four51.008.00
G S Fantastic Four51.008.00
G S Fantastic Four61.008.00
G S Kid Colt/ Rawhide Kid11.5012.00
G S Man-Thing26.00
G S Man-Thing36.00
G S Man-Thing41.2510.00
G S Spider-Man/Doc Savage31.8515.00
G S Spider-Man/Punisher46.0060.00Punisher app.
G S Thor11.007.00
Girls Love1182.5022.00
Girls Love1222.5022.00
Greatest American Comic Book1Spidermaniac vs Batmaniac
Girls Romances1202.5020.00
Great Gazoo41.2510.00Flintstones
Green Lantern673.0535.00
Green Lantern722.5020.00
Green Lantern732.5020.00
Green Lantern804.0040.00
Hot Rods & Racing Cars911.5012.00
Hemp for Victorycartoon of naval film for production of hemp
Hot Stuff Sizzlers331.4014.00
Hot Stuff Sizzlers421.4014.00
Hot Stuff Sizzlers441.4014.00
Hot Stuff Sizzlers481.0010.00
Hot Stuff Sizzlers501.0010.00
House of Mystery2282.6026.00
House of Secrets1411.50115.00
House of Secrets842.2518.00
House of Secrets1281.5012.00
Human Torch86.00
I Saw It1
Incredible Hulk1112.9029.00
Incredible Hulk1172.9029.00Last 12 cent iss.
Incredible Hulk1261.2510.00
Incredible Hulk1351.2510.00
Incredible Hulk1435.00
Incredible Hulk1634.001st app. The Gremlin
Incredible Hulk1651.007.00Variant w/4 xtra pages slick color
Incredible Hulk1674.00
Incredible Hulk1684.00
Incredible Hulk1714.00
Incredible Hulk1122.9029.00
Incredible Hulk1162.9029.00
Incredible Hulk1894.00
Incredible Hulk2002.5025.00Silver Surfer app.
Incredible Hulk2033.50
Incredible Hulk2043.50
Incredible Hulk2083.50
Incredible Hulk2103.50
Incredible Hulk2133.50
Incredible Hulk2153.50
Incredible Hulk2193.50
Incredible Hulk2203.50
Incredible Hulk2223.50
Incredible Hulk2303.50
Incredible Hulk2313.50
Incredible Hulk2323.50
Incredible Hulk2353.50
Incredible Hulk2373.50
Incredible Hulk2383.50
Incredible Hulk2393.50
Incredible Hulk2403.50
Inhumans84.00Reprints of Amazing adventures 1&2 (1/70)
Inhumans124.00Hulk app.
Invaders174.00Intro Warrior Woman
Invaders201.008.00Reprints; Origin/1st app. Sub-mariner from motion picture weekly with color added and brief writeup about M.P.F.W; 1st app. New Union Jack II
Invaders243.00r/marvel mystery #17 (teamup iss.;all-r)
Iron Man152.5024.00Last 12 cent iss.
Iron Man301.6013.00
Iron Man331.6013.001st app. Spy Master
Iron Man401.6013.00
Iron Man411.6013.00
Iron Man421.6013.00Last 15 cent iss.
Iron Man461.2510.00Guardsman dies
Iron Man481.2510.00
Iron Man501.2510.00Princess Python app.
Iron Man521.007.00
Iron Man531.007.00Starlin part pencils
Iron Man541.8515.00Ironman battles Submariner; 1st app. Moon Dragon (1/73) as Madame MacEvil; Everett part-c
Iron Man557.5075.001st app Thanos (cameo) Drax the Destroyer, Mentor, StarFox & Cronos (2/73; Starlin-c-a)
Iron Man561.8515.00Starlin-a
Iron Man576.00
Iron Man586.00
Iron Man1363.00
Iron Man1522.50New Armor
JK Secret City Saga02.00no cover price; 20 pages
JK Secret City Saga33.00
JK Secret City Saga33.00
JK Secret City Saga43.00
Jaguar75.0050.00Also as Adventures of the Jaguar
Journey Into Mystery9212.00120.00
Journey Into Mystery9515.00150.00
Journey Into Mystery9915.00150.00
Journey Into Mystery10011.00110.00
Journey Into Mystery1018.0080.002nd Avengers x-over
Journey Into Mystery1028.0080.00Intro Sif.
Journey Into Mystery1048.0080.00
Journey Into Mystery1088.0080.00Early Dr. Strange & Avengers x-over
Journey Into Mystery1088.0080.00
Journey Into Mystery1108.0080.00
Journey Into Mystery1108.0080.00
Journey Into Mystery1177.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1187.0070.001st app. The Destroyer
Journey Into Mystery1197.0070.00Intro Hogall, Fandrall, Volstagg
Journey Into Mystery1207.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1217.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1227.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1237.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1247.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery1257.0070.00
Journey Into Mystery (reprint)102.25
Journey Into Mystery (reprint)132.25
Jungle Jim222.5025.00Dan Flag begins; Ditko-Wood-a
Justice League of America573.5035.00
Just. League of America603.5035.00
Just. League of America632.5025.00
Just. League of America841.8515.00
Just. League of America871.8515.00
Just. League of America881.8515.00
Just. League of America891.8515.00
Just. League of America921.8515.00S.A. Robin tries on costume similar to G.A. Robin in all star comics #58
Just. League of America1003.0030.00(8/72)-1st Meeting G.A. & S.A.W. Woman
Just. League of America1011.5012.00J.S.A. x-overs
Just. League of America1021.5012.00Red Tornado dies
Just. League of America1041.006.00
Kamandi13.0030.00Origin/1st app. Kamandi
Kamandi41.008.00Introduction Prince Tuftan
Kamandi243.00Last 20 cent iss.
Kamandi296.00Superman x-over
Kamandi313.00Introduction Pyra
Kamandi326.00(68 pages) r/origin #1 plus 1 new story; 4 page bio of Jack Kirby b/w photos
Kid Colt Outlaw2611.3090.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1142.2518.00(1/64)-second app. Iron Mask
Kid Colt Outlaw1162.2518.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1271.5012.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1401.5012.00Reprints begin
Kid Colt Outlaw1421.2510.00Reprint
Kid Colt Outlaw1431.2510.00Reprint
Kid Colt Outlaw1451.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1471.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1481.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1491.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1501.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1521.2510.00
Kid Colt Outlaw1631.008.00
Kid Colt Outlaw2001.008.00
Kid Colt Outlaw2046.00
Kid Colt Outlaw2056.00
Kid Colt Outlaw2066.00
Korak Son o Tarzan301.2012.00
Leave It to Beaver91217.00170.004 Color
Leave It to Beaver119114.00160.00
Legion of Super Heroes31.007.00
Legion of Super Heroes31.007.00
Legion of Super Heroes41.007.00
Life with Archie961.008.00
Life with Archie1096.00
Life with Archie1386.00
Life with Archie1664.00
Life with Archie1734.00
Lil' Kids32.2518.00
Lil' Kids82.2518.00
Little Archie651.007.00
Little Archie935.00
Little Archie945.00
Little Archie965.00
Little Archie1013.00
Little Archie1063.00
Little Audrey & Melvin581.007.0052 page giant
Little Eva (3D)115.00120.003D(10/53) 25 cent iss. Came with 3D goggles 1-infinity-c
Little Roquefort104.0022.00cbs television presents on-c
Love Tales455.0030.00Powell-a
Machine Man14.00Jack Kirby-a-s-c-p; Ends #9
Machine Man14.00
Machine Man22.00
Machine Man32.00
Machine Man42.00
Machine Man52.00
Machine Man62.00
Machine Man72.00
Machine Man82.00
Machine Man92.00
Magnus Robot Fighter-V1361.0010.00
Magnus Robot Fighter-V1371.0010.00
Magnus Robot Fighter-Valient Comics202.25
Magnus Robot F.-V. Comics242.25story continued Rai & the Future Force #9
Magnus Robot F.-V. Comics253.00(2.95-Embossed silver foil-c); New costume
Magnus Robot F.-V. Comics272.25
Magnus Robot F.-V. Comics282.25
Magnus Robot F.-V. Comics292.25
Man From Uncle28.0085.00Photo back cover 2-8
Man From Uncle75.0055.00JetDream begins (1st app.)all new stories
Man Comics155.3532.00
Marvel Classic Comics86.00featuring Moby Dick
Marvel Collectors Items Classics72.2518.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Clsasics72.2518.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Classics82.2518.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Classics131.5012.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Classics141.5012.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Classics171.5012.00
Marvel Colls. Itms Classics181.5012.00
Marvel Double Features26.00
Marvel Double Features46.00
Marvel Double Features56.00
Marvel Double Features66.00
Marvel Double Features76.00
Marvel Double Features86.00
Marvel Double Features96.00
Marvel Double Features106.00
Marvel Double Features164.00
Marvel Double Features174.00story r/Ironman & Submariner #1; last 25 cent iss.
Marvel Double Features185.00
Marvel Double Features195.00
Marvel Double Features204.00
Marvel Features Presents110.0080.00Origin/1st app. Defenders (Submariner, Hulk, Dr. Strange); see Submariner #34, 35 for pre-quell; Strange solo story(predates D.S #1) 1950's -r; Neal Adams-c
Marvel Features Presents106.00last iss. of Ant-Man
Marvel Premier322.001st app. Monark StarStalker
Marvel Premier342.001st color app. Solomon Kane
Marvel Presents125.00
Marvel Spectacular Starring Thor26.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor36.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor46.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor56.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor66.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor76.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor96.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor114.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor124.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor134.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor144.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor154.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor164.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor184.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor194.00
Marvel Spect. Star. Thor194.00
Marvel Spotlight253.00Sinbad; contains pull-out Mark Jewlers ad.
Marvel Spotlight335.00Deathlock; 1st app. Devil Slayer
Marvel Super Action11.007.00Reprints Capt. America #100 by Kirby
Marvel Super Action24.00
Marvel Super Action34.00
Marvel Super Action54.00
Marvel Super Action64.00
Marvel Super Action74.00
Marvel Super Action84.00
Marvel Super Action94.00
Marvel Super Action104.00
Marvel Super Action104.00
Marvel Super Action King Size Special1
Marvel Super Heroes152.5025.00Black Bolt cameo in Medusa; Black Knight, SubMariner, Black Marvel, Capt. America-r
Marvel Super Heroes172.5025.00Origin Black Knight; G.A. Torch, SubMariner-r, Reprint all Winners Squad #21 (cover & story)
Marvel Super Heroes211.2510.00X-Men, Daredevil, Iron-Man-r begin, end iss. #31
Marvel Super Heroes211.2510.00
Marvel Super Heroes231.2510.00
Marvel Super Heroes231.2510.00
Marvel Super Heroes291.2510.00
Marvel Super Heroes344.00
Marvel Super Heroes364.00
Marvel Super Heroes354.00
Marvel Super Heroes384.00
Marvel Super Heroes394.00
Marvel Super Heroes414.00
Marvel Super Heroes424.00
Marvel Super Heroes424.00
Marvel Super Heroes512.00
Marvel Tales82.0016.00
Marvel Tales92.5020.00r-Amazing Spiderman #14 w/cover
Marvel Tales102.0016.00r-1st Kraven/Amazing Spiderman #15
Marvel Tales141.5012.00
Marvel Tales181.5012.00
Marvel Tales1312.00
Marvel Tales1632.00
Marvel Tales Annual1
Marvel Team-Up featuring spider-man110.00100.00
Marvel Team-Up111.007.50Inhumans
Marvel Team-Up224.00Hawkeye
Marvel Team-Up244.00Brother Voodoo
Marvel Team-Up274.00The Hulk
Marvel Team-Up304.00The Falcon
Marvel Team-Up333.00Nighthawk
Marvel Team-Up343.00Valkyrie
Marvel Team-Up363.00Frankenstein
Marvel Team-Up403.00
Marvel Team-Up413.00Scarlet Witch
Marvel Team-Up423.00The Vision
Marvel Team-Up433.00Dr. Doom;retails origin
Marvel Team-Up443.00Moondragon
Marvel Team-Up453.00Killraven
Marvel Team-Up473.00The Thing
Marvel Team-Up493.00Dr. Strange;Ironman app.
Marvel Team-Up503.00Ironman;Dr. Strange app.
Marvel Team-Up512.50Ironman;Dr Strange app.
Marvel Team-Up532.5020.00Hulk;Woodgod & X-Men app.;1st Byme-a on X-Men(1/77)
Marvel Team-Up544.00Hulk; Woodgod app.
Marvel Team-Up562.50Daredevel
Marvel Team-Up572.0Black Widow
Marvel Team-Up613.00
Marvel Team-Up623.00Ms. Marvel;last 30 cent iss.
Marvel Team-Up663.00Capt. Britain;1st app. Arcade
Marvel Team-Up673.00Tigra;Kraven the Hunter app.
Marvel Team-Up683.00Man-Thing
Marvel Team-Up693.00Havok (from X-Men)
Marvel Team-Up732.00Daredevil
Marvel Team-Up753.00powerman
Marvel Team-Up762.00Daredevil
Marvel Team-Up772.00Ms Marvel
Marvel Team-Up782.00Wonder Man
Marvel Team-Up793.00Mary Jane Watson as Red Sonja;Clark Kent cameo
Marvel Team-Up802.00Dr. Strange/Clea;last 35 cent iss.
Marvel Team-Up822.00Black Widow
Marvel Team-Up832.00Nick Fury
Marvel Team-Up842.00Shang-Chi
Marvel Team-Up913.00Ghost Rider
Marvel Team-Up962.00Howard the Duck;last 40cent iss.
Marvel Team-Up982.00Black Widow
Marvel Team-Up992.00Machine Man
Marvel Team-Up1011.50Nighthawk;(Ditko/a)
Marvel Triple Action11.8015.00(25cent Giant,52 pgs.)
Marvel Triple Action95.00
Marvel Two-in-One243.00
Marvel Two-in-One313.00
Marvel Two-in-One363.00
Marvel Two-in-One523.00Moon Night app.
Marvel Two-in-One562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics; starring the fantastic four231.5012.00Giants
Marvels Greatest Comics241.5012.00Giants
Marvels Greatest Comics251.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics261.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics281.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics291.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics301.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics311.5012.00
Marvels Greatest Comics414.00
Marvels Greatest Comics424.00Silver Surfer-r
Marvels Greatest Comics434.00
Marvels Greatest Comics444.00
Marvels Greatest Comics454.00
Marvels Greatest Comics464.00
Marvels Greatest Comics474.00
Marvels Greatest Comics484.00
Marvels Greatest Comics494.00
Marvels Greatest Comics504.00
Marvels Greatest Comics522.00
Marvels Greatest Comics532.00
Marvels Greatest Comics542.00
Marvels Greatest Comics552.00
Marvels Greatest Comics562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics562.00
Marvels Greatest Comics572.00
Marvels Greatest Comics592.00
Marvels Greatest Comics602.00
Marvels Greatest Comics612.00
Marvels Greatest Comics622.00
Marvels Greatest Comics632.00
Marvels Greatest Comics642.00
Marvels Greatest Comics652.00
Marvels Greatest Comics662.00
Marvels Greatest Comics672.00
Marvels Greatest Comics682.00
Marvels Greatest Comics692.00
Marvels Greatest Comics702.00
Marvels Greatest Comics712.00
Marvels Greatest Comics722.00
Marvels Greatest Comics732.00
Marvels Greatest Comics742.00
Marvels Greatest Comics752.00
Marvels Greatest Comics762.00
Marvels Greatest Comics762.00
Marvels Greatest Comics772.00
Marvels Greatest Comics782.00
Marvels Greatest Comics782.00
Marvels Greatest Comics792.00
Marvels Greatest Comics802.00
Marvels Greatest Comics812.00
Marvels Greatest Comics822.00
Maverick93010.00110.00James Garner
Metal Men49.00100.00
Metal Men165.0050.00
Metal Men213.5035.00Batman,Robin & Flash x-over
Metal Men293.5035.00
Metal Men332.5025.00
Metal Men342.5025.00
Metal Men352.5025.00
Mighty Comics Presents442.2518.00Black Hood,Steel Stirling & The Shield
Mighty Hercules213.00140.00
Mighty Marvel Western12.5024.00begin Kid Colt,Rawhide Kid,Two-Gun Kid-r
Mighty Marvel Western92.0016.00
Mighty Marvel Western341.007.00
Mighty Marvel Western351.007.00
Mighty Mites1
Mighty Samson161.8515.00
Mighty Samson171.8515.00
Mighty Samson201.8515.00
Millie the Model423.5035.00
Millie the Model1782.0016.00
Mister Miracle12.8028.001st app. of the Miracle man
Mister Miracle21.7514.00
Mister Miracle31.7514.00
Mister Miracle41.5012.00Boy Comandos-r begin;52 pgs
Mister Miracle51.5012.0052 pgs
Mister Miracle61.5012.0052 pgs
Mister Miracle81.5012.0052 pgs
Mister Miracle91.109.00origin of Mr. Miracle;Darkseid cameo
Mister Miracle101.109.00
Mister Miracle101.109.00
Mister Miracle111.109.00
Mister Miracle121.109.00
Mister Miracle131/109.00
Mister Miracle131.109.00
Mister Miracle141.109.00
Mister Miracle151.109.00intro./1st app. Shilo Norman
Mister Miracle161.109.00
Mister Miracle171.109.00
Mister Miracle181.109.00Barda & Scott Free wed;Newgods app. & Darkseid cameo;last Kirby iss.
Mister Miracle181.109.00Barda & Scott Free wed;Newgods app. & Darkseid cameo;last Kirby iss.
Monster of Frankenstein32.5020.00
Monsters on the Prowl171.007.00
Monsters on the Prowl181.007.00
Monsters on the Prowl231.007.00
Monsters on the Prowl241.007.00
Monsters on the Prowl261.007.00
Monsters on the Prowl271.007.00
My Little Margies Boyfriends45.0030.00
Mystery in Space8816.50165.00Adams strange & Hawkman stories
Nancy and Sluggo1786.4070.00
Nick Fury agent of S.H.I.E.L.D2
N. F. agent of SHIELD33.5035.00
N. F. agents of Shield33.5035.00
N. F. agent of SHIELD81.2510.00
N. F. agent of SHIELD111.2510.00
N. F. agent of SHIELD162.50
N. F. agent of SHIELD172.50
Nightglider13.00Polybag w/ Kirbychrone trading card
New Gods22.5025.00Darkseid c/story
New Gods32.2518.001st app. of Black Racer
New Gods41.509.00Darkseid cameo;origin Manhunter-r
New Gods51.509.00
New Gods61.509.00
New Gods71.509.00Darkseid app.;origin Orion;1st origin of all Newgods as a group
New Gods81.509.00
New Gods91.509.001st app. of Bug
New Gods91.509.00
New Gods101.109.00
New Gods101.109.00
New Gods111.109.00last Kirby iss.
New Gods125.00new costume Orion
New Gods12.25
New Gods22.25
New Gods32.25
New Gods42.25
New Gods52.25
New Gods62.25
Normal Man1
Omac86.002 page Neal Adams ad
Omega the Unknown14.001st app. Omega
Original Black Cat22.00contemporary
Our Army at War1723.20320.00
Our Army at War2142.0016.00
Our Army at War2191.6013.00
Our Army at War2251.6013.00
Our Army at War2451.2510.00
Our Army at War2752.5024.00100 pgs.
Our Fighting Forces1511.5012.00
Outlaw Kid21.5012.00
Outlaw Kid41.2510.00
Outlaw Kid266.00
Outlaw Kid306.00
Personality Presents-# Leonard Nimoy,#33Arnold Schwartznegger
Peter Parker the Spectacular Spiderman41.008.00Vulture app.
P. P. the Spect. Spiderman231.007.00Moon Knight app.
P. P. the Spect. Spiderman645.001st app. Cloak & Dagger
Phantom Stranger351.008.00
Planet Terry12.00
Prez for Teen President4
Radioactive Man (Simpson)13.25
Ramar of the Jungle211.0080.00
Rawhide Kid317.0070.00
Rawhide Kid407.0070.00Two-gun Kid x-over
Rawhide Kid473.0030.00
Rawhide Kid563.0030.00
Rawhide Kid573.0030.00
Rawhide Kid583.0030.00
Rawhide Kid593.0030.00
Rawhide Kid603.0030.00
Rawhide Kid622.5024.00
Rawhide Kid662.5024.00Two-Gun Kid story
Rawhide Kid711.7514.00
Rawhide Kid731.7514.00
Rawhide Kid781.7514.00
Rawhide Kid791.7514.00
Rawhide Kid941.5012.00
Rawhide Kid1011.2510.00
Rawhide Kid1051.2510.00
Rawhide Kid1131.2510.00
Rawhide Kid1241.008.00
Rawhide Kid1261.008.00
Rawhide Kid1291.008.00
Rawhide Kid1331.008.00
Rawhide Kid1461.008.00
Rawhide Kid King Size Special12.2518.0068 pages/TR>
Real Stuff1
Red Sonja16.00
Red Wolf26.00
Reggie and Me415.00
Reggie and Me703.00
Reggies Wise Guy Jokes201.109.00Giants
Richie Rich692.0016.00
Richie Rich782.0016.00
R R Profits145.00
R R Success431.5012.00
R R Success451.5012.00
Ringo Kid111.2510.00
Ringo Kid201.008.00
Ripleys Believe it or Not101.8020.00
Ripleys Believe it or Not221.0010.00
Romantic Secrets65.0030.00
Sad Sack and the Sarge1124.00
Saint and Sinner12.50Clive barker
Sarge Steel21.5012.00
Satan's Six13.00Kirbychrome trading card
Secret Hearts1141.008.00
Secret Hearts1151.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his Howling Commandos1011.00110.001st app. Capt Savage (The Skipper)
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.115.5055.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.244.0040.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.422.5020.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.582.2518.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.651.8515.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.751.8515.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.771.8515.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.791.8515.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.811.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.881.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.921.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.931.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.951.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.991.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1001.5012.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1011.2510.00Origin retold
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1091.2510.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1141.2510.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1151.2510.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1171.2510.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1221.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1241.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1251.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1261.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1261.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1271.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1281.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1291.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1301.008.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1311.007.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1321.007.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1341.007.00
Sgt.Fury & his H. C.1361.007.00
Sgt. Fury & his Howling Commandos King Size Special24.0040.00
S F H C KSS24.0040.00
S F H C KSS61.5012.00
Shade the Changing Man24.00
She Hulk1
Showcase845.0050.00Origin retold
Silver Blade11.50
Silver Star11.00Last of the Viking Heroes
Silver Star11.00
Silver Star21.00
Silver Star31.00
Silver Star41.00
Silver Star51.00
Silver Star61.00
Silver Surfer313.50135.001st app. Mephisto
Silver Surfer436.00400.00Thor & Loki app.
Silver Surfer68.5085.00
Silver Surfer86.5065.0015 cent iss.
Silver Surfer96.5065.00
Silver Surfer106.5065.00
Silver Surfer115.0050.00
Silver Surfer125.0050.00
Silver Surfer125.0050.00
Silver Surfer147.0070.00Spider-man x-over
Silver Surfer185.0050.0015 cent iss.; vs The Inhumans
Silver Surfer501.007.00Embossed & Silver foil; Surfer has brief battle w/Thanos
Space Adventure417.00115.00
Space Adventure617.00115.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space183.0035.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space203.0035.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space221.8020.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space241.8020.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space271.8020.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space281.8020.00Last 12 cent iss.
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space361.8020.00Captain Venture ends.
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space391.007.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space421.007.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space494.00
Space Family Robinson Lost In Space544.00
Sleepwalker11.501st app. SleepWalker
Special Marvel Edition21.2510.00
Special Marvel Edition31.2510.00
Special Marvel Edition41.2510.00
Special Marvel Edition66.00
Special Marvel Edition76.00
Special Marvel Edition126.00
Spooky Tuff Lil' Ghost124.0040.00
Spook Haunted House12.5024.00
Spy Fighters89.0060.00
Star Spangled War Stories1881.007.00
Star Trek142.00460.00
Star Trek517.00190.00
Star Trek714.00155.00
Star Trek914.00155.00
Star Trek107.0080.00
Star Trek117.0080.00
Star Trek127.0080.00
Star Trek127.0080.00
Star Trek167.0080.00
Star Trek197.0080.00
Star Trek207.0080.00
Star Trek215.5060.00
Star Trek235.5060.00
Star Trek265.5060.00
Star Trek305.5060.00
Star Trek313.6040.00
Star Trek353.6040.00
Star Trek532.2525.00
Star Trek542.2525.00
Star Trek542.2525.00
Star Trek572.2525.00
Strange Adventures2001.6013.00
Strange Adventures2171.109.00Origin/1st app. Adam Strange from Showcase #17; Atomic Kniights-r begin
Strange Adventures2271.5012.00New Adam Strange Text Story w/illos. by Anderson (8,6 pgs.)
Strange Adventures2301.5012.00
Strange Adventures2311.5012.00last Atomic Knights
Strange Adventures2351.5012.00JLA-c
Strange Adventures2371.008.00
Strange Sports12.5020.00
Strange Tales1294.5045.00
Strange Tales1304.5045.00The Beatles cameo
Strange Tales1324.5045.00
Strange Tales13510.00100.00Col.(formally Sgt.)Nick Fury becomes Nick Fury agent of Shield(origin/1st app.)by Kirby(8,65);Series begins
Strange Tales1363.0030.00
Strange Tales1423.0030.00
Strange Tales1463.0030.00Last Ditko Dr. Strange who in consecutive story since #113 Only Ditko Dr. Strange-c this title
Strange Tales1473.0030.00Dr. Strange(By Everett #147-152)Continues thru #168 Dr. Strange #169
Strange Tales1485.5055.00Origin Ancient One
Strange Tales1493.0030.00
Strange Tales1542.8028.00Steranko-a/script
Strange Tales1562.8028.00
Strange Tales1582.8028.00
Strange Tales1602.5025.00Steranko-a/script; Capt. app
Strange Tales1612.5025.00Same as 156
Strange Tales1622.5025.00Same as 156
Strange Tales1652.5025.00
Strange Tales1673.8038.00Steranko-p/script; Classic flag-c
Strange Tales1823.50
Strange Tales1833.50
Sub Mariner103.0030.00
Sub Mariner112.5020.00
Sub Mariner132.5020.00
Sub Mariner152.5020.00last 12 cent iss.
Sub Mariner161.2510.00
Sub Mariner181.2510.00
Sub Mariner281.007.00
Sub Mariner321.007.00
Sub Mariner424.00last 15 cent iss.
Sub Mariner464.00
Sub Mariner574.00
Sub Mariner594.001st battle w/Thor
Sub Mariner654.00
Sub Mariner664.00
Sub Mariner684.00
Sub Mariner694.00Spiderman x-over (6 panels)
S M KSS11.007.50(1/71)-r/Tales to Astonish #70-#73
Superboy1243.2032.00(10/65)-1st app Insect Queen(Lana Lang)
Superboy1322.5025.001st app Supremo
Superboy1332.5025.00Superboy meets Robin
Superboy1451.5012.00Superboy's parents regain youth
Superboy1711.5012.001st app. Aquaboy?
Superboy1711.5012.00Legion app;Origin Yango(SuperApe)
Superboy1761.5012.00Partial Photo-c
Superboy1821.007.50all new origin classic World's finest team(Superman & Batman) as teenagers(2/72, 22 pgs.)
Superboy1852.2518.00DC 100 page Superspectacular #12;Legion-c/story;Teen Titans, Kid Eternity (r-Hit #46), Star Spangled Kid-r(S.S. 55)
Superboy1861.007.5052 pgs.
Superboy1871.007.5052 pgs.
Superboy1936.00Chameleon boy & Shrinking Violet get new costumes
Superboy1966.00last Superboy solo story
Superboy2031.008.00Invisible Kid dies
Super Comicespanol
Super DC Giant Presents162.5020.00Batman-r & Metamorpho Origin-r from B & B; Specter pin-up
Super Heroes12.5025.00Origin/1st Fab. Four
Superman2333.5035.002nd app. Morgan Edge;Clark Clent switches from news reported to news caster; all kryptonite on earth destroyed
Superman2501.2510.0052 pgs.
Superman Family1642.5024.00Begins Superman Family; Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl begin
Superman Family1652.0016.00100 pgs.
Superman Family1751.2510.0068 pgs.
Superman Family- 1771775.0052 pgs.
Superman Family- 1981984.00Superboy ends #198
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane604.2042.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane644.2042.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane722.5022.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane743.2032.001st Bizaro Flash(5/67); GLA cameo
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane811.5012.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane831.5012.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane841.5012.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane863.0030.00Giant (G-51-Neal Adams-c)
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1053.0030.00Origin/1st app. The Rose & The Thorn
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1071.2510.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1111.2510.00Morrow-a
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1171.5012.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1212.5012.00
Superman's Girlfrind Lois Lane1231.5012.00G.A. Batman-r/Batman #35(W/Catwoman);52 pgs
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson673.2032.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson742.8028.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson862.8028.00Jimmy Olsen rombot becomes Congorilla
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson932.5022.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1171.501.5012.00Batman & Legion cameo
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1261.501.5012.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1321.501.5012.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1391.851.8515.00last 15 cent iss.
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1461.851.8515.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1471.851.8515.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1481.851.8515.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1591.101.109.00
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olson- 1631.101.109.00last iss.
Super Mario Bros.12.00Wildman-a
Super Villain Classics13.00Origin Galactus
Tales of Asgard12.5025.00reprints Tales of Asgard(Thor)Backup stories from Journey into Mystery #97-106;new Kirby-c
Tales of Suspense647.0070.00
Tales of Suspense704.0040.00Begin alternating-c featuring Capt. America(even numbers) & Iron Man (odd numbers)
Tales of Suspense934.0040.00
Tales of Suspense944.0040.00Intro Modok
Tales to Astonish529.5095.00Origin/1st app Black Knight(2/64)
Tales to Astonish6017.00170.00Giant Man & Hulk double feature begins
Tales to Astonish714.0040.00
Tales to Astonish714.0040.00
Tales to Astonish724.0040.00Begin alternating-c feature Sub Mariner (even numbers) Hulk (odd numbers)
Tales to Astonish714.0040.00
Tales to Astonish744.0040.00
Tales to Astonish754.0040.00
Tales to Astonish844.0040.00
Tales to Astonish864.0040.00
Tales to Astonish964.0040.00
Tales to Astonish974.0040.00X-men cameo(brief)
Tales to Astonish984.0040.00
Teen Confessions461.2510.00
Teen Titans104.2042.00
Teen Titans123.5035.00
Teen Titans133.5035.00X-mas-c
Teen Titans183.5035.001st app. Starfire(11-12/68)
Teen Titans331.2510.00
Teen Titans361.5012.00Superboy-r;52 pgs.
Tex Ritter Western326.5045.00
Third World War32.50
Thor12612.50125.00Thor vs Hercules
Thor1274.5045.001st app. Pluto
Thor1463.0030.00Inhumans begin(early app.)
Thor1473.0030.00Origin Inhumans
Thor1483.0030.00Origin Black Bolt(also iss 149)
Thor1493.0030.00Origin Medusa, Gorgon, Crystal, Maximus, Kornak
Thor1586.2562.00Origin Dr. Blake(Thor)
Thor1642.5025.002nd & 3rd brief cameo The Warlock(Him)
Thor1693.2032.00Origin Glactus; Kirby-a
Thor1792.5020.00Last Kirby iss.
Thor4323.25(52 pgs.);Thors 300th app.
Thor KSS25.0050.00
Thor KSS31.2510.00
Thor KSS41.2510.00
Tom Y Jerry17
Three Dimensional Alien Worlds13.00
Time for Love12.5020.00
Tom and Jerry1891.4014.00
Tom and Jerry the Mouse From T.R.A.P12.6026.00
Tomb of Darkness201.008.00
Tomb of Dracula111.8515.00
Turok Son of Stone343.6040.00
Turok Son of Stone562.2525.00
Turok Son of Stone572.2525.00
Turok Son of Stone681.6518.00
Turok Son of Stone691.6518.00
Turok Son of Stone711.5012.00
Two Gun Kid791.8515.00
Two Gun Kid801.8515.00
Two Gun Kid891.5012.00
Two Gun Kid1151.008.00
Two Gun Kid1181.008.00
Two Gun Kid1201.008.00
UFO and Outer Space204.00
UFO and Outer Space244.00
UFO Flying Saucers111.109.00
Uncanny Tales from the Grave829.00220.00Atom Bomb panels
U S Fighting Man156.00
U S Paratroops51.008.00
Vault of Evil201.008.00
Walt Disney Comics and Stories2053.5035.00
W D Daisy Ducks Diary10559.00100.00
W D Donald Duck Album12395.5060.00
W D Donald Duck1821.308.00
W D Goofy10943.6040.00
W D Grandma Ducks Farm Friends107312.00135.00
W D Huey Dewey & Louie114.0045.00
W D Mickey Mouse711.2012.00
W D Mickey Mouse4273.6040.00
W D Presents King Louie1
W D 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea9.00100.00
W D Uncle Scrooge784.0045.00
Walter Lantz Woody Woodpecker631.2011.00
Wanted: The World's Most Dangerous Villians13.00
War & Attack611.2510.00
War Heroes261.008.00
War is Hell11.2510.00
War is Hell111.008.00
Weird Fantasies1
Weird War115.00150.00
Weird War102.5020.00
Weird War171.5012.00
Weird Wonder Tales206.00
Weird Worlds Presents104.00
Western Gunfighters218.7570.00Crandall-a
Western Gunfighters238.7570.00Williamson-a
Western Gunfighters267.1550.00
Western Kid21.2510.00
Where Creatures Roam12.5020.00
Where Monsters Dwell51.5012.00
Where Monsters Dwell121.5012.00
Where Monsters Dwell151.2510.00
Witching Hour556.00
Wonder Woman1722.0016.00
Wolverine:Global Jeopardy1
World of Archie51.25
Worlds Unknown31.008.00
Worlds Finest9443.00520.00Origin Batman/Superman team retold
Worlds Finest1425.0050.00Origin The Composite Man; Legion app.
Worlds Finest1454.0040.00
Worlds Finest1781.5012.00
Worlds Finest1882.8028.00
Worlds Finest1961.109.00
Worlds Finest1961.109.00
Worlds Finest1987.5075.003rd Superman/Flash race(cont. in 199)
Worlds Finest1997.5075.00
Worlds Finest2006.00
Worlds Finest2016.00
Worlds Finest2026.00
Worlds Finest2036.00last 15 cent iss.
Worlds Finest2046.00
Worlds Finest2101.2510.00
Worlds Finest2121.2510.00
Worlds Finest2141.2510.00
X-Men (1st series)353.00635.001st app. The Blob
X-Men536.00400.00Magneto & Evil Mutants -c/story
X-Men1029.00290.001st app S.A. Za-Kar & Zabu the Sabertooth
X-Men1423.50235.001st app. Sentinels
X-Men1523.50235.00Origin Beast
X-Men3511.00110.00Spiderman x-over; 1st app. The Changeling
Young Love561.7514.00
Young Love571.7514.00
Yosemite Sam41.5012.00
3-D Zone Presents Picture Scope3
1st Issue Special1
1st Issue Special5
2001: A Space Odyssey13.00Adaption of film
2001: A Space Odyssey22.00
2001: A Space Odyssey32.00
2001: A Space Odyssey42.00
2001: A Space Odyssey42.00
2001: A Space Odyssey52.00
2001: A Space Odyssey62.00
2001: A Space Odyssey62.00
2001: A Space Odyssey92.00
2001: A Space Odyssey92.00
2001: A Space Odyssey102.00
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